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IV Vitamin Infusions

Our IV specialists can safely deliver vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and fluids into the bloodstream for those who want to boost immunity, recover after an event, flush toxins, restore youthful skin, or relieve pain. Compared to oral consumption that restricts proper absorption by the gut, this delivery method offers the highest bioavailability achievable.

The only method to interrupt the process of unhealthy cell replication is through the IV pathway. Once established, healthy patterns of cell reproduction are easier to maintain. To maintain a healthy body, it is essential to have healthy cells that can enhance the quality of life by reinstating cellular vitality and decreasing cellular degeneration.

Vitalive Migraine, Pain, & Stress Relief


This is the drip for you if you suffer from migraines, PMS, or chronic pain. Vitalive Migraine, Pain, & Stress Relief is designed to help alleviate pain and stress to help you relax. Energy, fatigue, endurance, sleep, mood, attention, and concentration are all improved. Suggested add-ons: Zofran for nausea and/or Decadron to reduce inflammation Recommended 2 to 3 times a week for 1 to 2 weeks, then once a month for maintenance.

Myer’s Cocktail


Meyer’s Cocktail is an infusion that contains a combination of magnesium, calcium, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C. It was developed by Dr. John Myers, a physician who believed that many health conditions were caused by nutrient deficiencies that could be addressed through IV administration of nutrients. It has been used successfully to address a wide range of chronic diseases in thousands of people over the years, and it can strengthen the immune system. This IV drip is for you if you’re tired from traveling, trying to avoid getting sick, need a boost of energy, or just want to feel better every day.

Recommended Frequency: If traveling, then either before and/or after traveling. Illness, at onset of symptoms. Chronic Illness like IBS, Gastroparesis, or other gut absorptions problems, weekly x 4 weeks then monthly or whenever you need an energy boost. 

Vitalive Immunity Boost


Our immune boost drip is designed to boost immunity, energize the body, ward off disease, and aid in wound, accident, and surgery recovery. Great for illnesses of any kind, including colds! The time to be concerned about your health is now, before you begin to show symptoms of illness.

Suggested Add-ons: Dexamethasone and Toradol for fever, chills, and muscle pains.

Recommended Frequency: At the first indication of a cold or other sickness, and again between one and four times more before the end of flu season, to help avoid disease and speed healing.

Vitalive Reboot


Did you have a “too much fun” last night? Did you spend the day on the river consuming adult beverages? After a day and/or night of too much fun, you might have a headache, feel sick, have sore muscles, or be tired. Most of these symptoms are caused by not drinking enough water or getting enough vitamins. This mix of important vitamins and minerals restores your fluids, rehydrates your body, and gives you more energy to Reboot your body. Good for a gut bug or food poisoning, too.
Suggested Add-on: Decadron to reduce inflammation

Vitalive NAD+

500ml    prices vary
1 Liter      prices vary

Mood, physical ability, and cognitive function are just some of the areas that this infusion helps maintain as you age. The molecule NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is required for a wide variety of essential cellular and metabolic functions. It’s what keeps the engine running.

Free consultation is required prior to receiving this infusion. Please allow 2-4 hrs for each infusion.

IV Nutrient Therapy

Labs Required – Must have lab work on file prior to infusion

Vitalive Athletic Recovery and Performance


A pumped-up dose of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to help enhance your workout performance, prolong your endurance, and facilitate your post-workout recovery.

Vitalive Quench

500ml     $35
1 Liter       $50

Are you feeling a little dehydrated? There are times when we can need more fluids than we can take in orally. This usually happens from excessive sweating or an illness. This drip of just isotonic fluid will give you what you need to bring your cells and body up to optimal hydration. 

Recommended frequency: 1-4 times per month as desired

Vitalive Elixir of Life


The best way to improve your health and energy from the inside out! This drip is designed to make your hair, skin, and nails look better and be stronger. Glutathione can give you more energy, slow down the aging process, ease pain in your muscles and joints, boost your immune system, clean out your liver and cells, clear your mind, help you sleep better, reduce the effects of stress, improve your skin, and boost your sports performance and recovery. Your skin, hair, and nails are always growing and replacing themselves, so they need a lot of high-quality ingredients to stay soft and young.

Recommended Frequency: One week before something big, (wedding, pictures, etc.).

1-4 times a month, depending on what you want.!

Vitalive Quench +

500ml     $85
1 Liter       $110

Hydrate + Combat Fatigue with this quick pick me up. Fatigue happens when you are dehydrated. This infusion combines the isotonic solution as in the Quench drip along with B-Vitamins and Vitamin C to give you a quick pick me up. 

Recommended frequency: 1-4 times per month as desired

Vitalive Skinny Drip

500ml       $95
1 Liter       $120

No need to sacrifice your health to lose weight. This specialized formula adds L-carnitine to help the body consume fat for energy, MIC to further eliminate fat and pollutants from the body, and chromium for synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol.

High Dose Vitamin C

500ml    prices vary
1 Liter      prices vary

Medical clearance required

Vitalive Brainstorm – Feel on point without Brain Fog!

500ml       $120
1 Liter       $145

In today’s world, we are all over worked and over stressed leaving us feeling drained and unmotivated. This infusion replenishes electrolytes, hydrates, and provides b-vitamins for an energy boost which will help Enhance Cognitive Function such as Memory, Learning, and Information Processing. Also great for before, during, and after travel.
Recommended frequency 1-4 times per month


  • GLUTATHIONE PUSH – $30/1,000MG
  • VITAMIN C – $25/1,000MG
  • B12 – $20
  • TORADOL – $20
  • ZOFRAN – $20


B12 Injection

Increase b12 levels and increase energy

MIC Injection

Encourages weight loss along with diet & exercise

Lipo + Injection

Lipo B injections are a combination of B Complex, Vitamin B12 and lipotropic amino acids that are used to boost energy, detox the liver, and increase metabolism.


Triple threat combo of Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Zinc to boost immunity and fight off illness


Protect your heart and immune system with a dose of Vitamin D.


Regular IV Therapy treatment yields the optimum benefits. Membership offers big savings and substantial discounts on other services

* Memberships require a commitment of at least 6 months. Untransferable. Benefits that remain unused cannot be carried over. 


You can select ONE IV Drip per month (excludes NAD+ and High dose Vitamin C infusions) and get a 25% discount on any other IV drips, shots, and add-ons during the same month.


Your choice of ONE shot each month AND 25% off all other shots. (Excludes IV dips, add-ons, NAD+, and High dose Vitamin C infusions)